Katarina LundgrenKatarina Felicia Lundgren is a project leader, educator, networker, coordinator, communicator and scientist. Her main passions are horses and humans – and communication – in all kinds of combinations.

In the horse world she has managed a livery yard, riding school and educational center. She has for many years worked with helping people grow and develop with the help of horses and nature. She is currently involved in establishing Equine Assisted Psychotherapy as a treatment modality, in Sweden. She travels internationally and gives trainings, workshops, seminars and write about equine-human interaction, equine welfare, equine behavior, equine ethics and equines in therapy and learning programs.

Katarina has a past in the business world as a marketing coordinator, information and communication specialist, project leader and writer. She is currently doing her masters in Cognitive Science at Lund University and running a small research, education and treatment center – MiMer – which also is establishing a research fund, MiMer Trust, to support research and education in the field of equine welfare and equine-human interaction in therapies (www.mimercentre.org).

As a growth facilitator, trainer, mindfulness instructor and a strong advocate for collaborations, she always focuses on maintaining awareness of differing perceptions, biases and the importance of perspective taking. It is in dialogue and through collaborations we grow, not through competing with each other (outside the competition arenas :-) ).

Contact Katarina at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +46 768 95 98 68.

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