HorseHub is an International Horse Business and Network Hub. We help all kinds of horse-related businesses to grow.

Our services include, but are not limitied to:

  • Setting up, inviting and facilitating Network meetings
  • Offering workshops around your identity as a horse business entrepreneur & owner/co-worker.
  • Analyzing & mapping your horse business, and suggesting potential areas for development and growth
  • Offering educations in horse business management, personal & business development trainings (enhancing leadership skills), marketing (with a focus on social media)
  • Offering educations in new business areas related to human physical and mental health, social work, human development & learning, tourism, culture (art, crafts & history)
  • Offering educations about horses – new knowledge, research and how to put that into practice, to maintain and grow equine welfare
  • Offering educations & workshops on ethics, visions & missions – where you as a horse business entrepreneur are positing yourself in regard to the rest of society. What is your contribution to sustainability?

In all of this – we put you – your business – and the HORSE in the center.

We invite you to Harness and Own your Resources – to reach a Stable Economy.

HorseHub is a EU-funded project in collaboration with Kävlinge Kommun, Leader Lundaland & Jordbruksverket.

Join our network and find out what we can do for you so you can do more for yourself and your business!


Katarina Lundgren & Martin Hansson, Project Leaders for HorseHub


HorseHub 244 30 Kävlinge
EC Kävlinge Sweden
Nygatan 8C